Saturday, January 16, 2010

cheap eye shadow, etc.

     So the other day I was at Ulta and I decided to pick up an eye shadow since they were on sale for just $3 each (the Ulta brand shadows, that is).  The one I ended up getting is called 'Organza' and it's a light, silvery taupe lilac.  I got home and played with it a little, and ended up putting NYX's 'Gypsy' in the crease, which is a dark purply-plum with some slight shimmer.  The result was pretty and wearable, not too dramatic. (I should really use the word 'wearable' less. I sort of hate it.)  Anyway here is a photobooth picture of it--not the best quality for taking this type of picture but you get the idea.  Also if you're curious, the nail polish I have on in this picture is O.P.I.'s Gargantuan Green Grape- a light chalky pastel green.  It is love.

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  1. Love this look, efortlessly cool. Your nails are super cute too :) x