Wednesday, March 9, 2016

F*ck Anything That Doesn't Make You Happy

Whilst sifting through some high quality images on my favorite stock image site, Pexels, I came across the following cutesy little desk image of a lady with freshly painted nails busy at work at her computer job. I was probably looking for an image to go with some dumb listicle I was half-heartedly putting up on the lackluster website I used to contribute to. Something along the lines of "5 Ways to CRUSH Your Next Interview!" or more fittingly, "5 ways to recognize that your soul has been fully exhumed from your body and replaced by a rolly office chair!"

Listicles these days are like the plastic bags of the internet. They're recyclable but only to a point. They just sit in the landfill of crap that is the World Wide Web, never serving their ultimate purpose or really even helping anyone. Why do we keep publishing this shit? Has anyone's life ever changed because of a listicle? If so, please reach out. Anyway. I found this picture and thought, "ooh, if my boss looks closely at that she'll surely ask me to find something else." (note the little poster on the desk that says 'FUCK ANYTHING THAT DOESN'T MAKE YOU HAPPY.') 

So I posted it as a subtle test. And guess what? She didn't notice. Because she wasn't a good boss. And as a result, I wasn't fucking happy at that job at all. I didn't want to keep working for someone who wasn't thorough, who didn't have any creative vision, strategy or realistic long-term goals for the brand. Not to mention wit, humor, appreciation for nuance, etc.

Two weeks later I was out on the street. Well not really the street, but the proverbial job-seeking street. Their decision, not mine. Was it my bad attitude that left me jobless? Maybe. I can't hide how I'm feeling when I see things happening that are completely bogus and dumb. And I can't change them if no one gives me the reigns they said they would give me. Nonetheless I felt a happy flutter of joy rise up in my stomach when they told me my job was ending due to "department restructuring."

I spent the entire month of February in a gloomy post-employment malaise while my roommate, her visiting-but-basically-living-with-us foreign boyfriend and myself all quietly bopped around the apartment with little to do but look at screens. Now, if you thought this post was going anywhere, think again. I have mild adult ADD and I haven't thought that far ahead. I'm only writing this because I delight in this kernel of wisdom and the semi-ironic way in which it presented itself to me.

So, here it is again. Fuck anything that doesn't make you happy. Get off of that stupid rolly office chair and find something that does. That's (kind of) what I'm doing.